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Levi’s® Russia
Project completed

Levi’s® is an American brand that actually invented jeans.

In December 2020, we launched a new Levi’s® online store in Russia for faithful fans of the most famous jeans in the world.


In 2020, all online projects of the brand undertook global redesign. We adapted the new design concept to Russian e-commerce realities.

Демонстрация интерфейсаДемонстрация интерфейсаДемонстрация интерфейсаДемонстрация интерфейса

Flexible filters in the catalogue: from colour and model to cut and fit.

Демонстрация интерфейса

Large photos in the product card.

Shopping cart and checkout on the same page — a standard local solution for Russian e-commerce.

  • Демонстрация интерфейса
  • Демонстрация интерфейса
  • Демонстрация интерфейса
  • Демонстрация интерфейса


The previous website version was running on a complicated cluster of «1С-Bitrix» + Hybris, and many changes were introduced by the foreign head office, which made the work only more difficult. The new online store is operating fully on на «1С-Bitrix» following all standards.

  • Логотип Lamoda

    Order processing from placement to delivery is handled by the Lamoda fulfilment service.

  • Скидки

    More than ten promo and discount mechanics have been implemented: discount or free delivery from a certain order amount, gifts, discounts for product sets, etc.

  • Логотип Почты России

    Russian Post delivery, delivery to pickup points and "try-on" courier delivery options are available.

Демонстрация интерфейса


The website is integrated with 1С: Trade Management, which is a source of product master data. These data are complemented by additional information from the American PIM system. At the same time, 1С sends data to Lamoda fulfilment, which returns actual product balance to the site. This is the way the catalogue is formed.


In addition to the online store, we launched a web application for offline activities. Retail stores have tablets that customers can use to register in the loyalty program, track bonus operations and tie their bonus card to the mobile wallet.

Демонстрация интерфейса


We arranged 24/7 project monitoring by several parameters: server performance, order placement rate, fulfilment availability, correct catalogue operation after import, etc. Where errors are encountered, the system generates automatic notifications.

We had several teams working on the project to meet tight schedule.

The online store had to be closed for two months, and there was no large-scale advertisement campaign before launching the new site, but the Levi’s® audience responded instantly with more than a hundred orders during the first day.






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