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United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton
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Project completed

United Colors of Benetton is a brand that needs no special introduction. Over 50 years they have been delighting us with high-quality clothes and shocking people with provocative advertising campaigns.

We are happy Benetton Group has chosen us for developing their new online store in Russia.

The work started in January 2017, and the store was officially launched in June. The completion time was influenced in particular by rebranding of the Italian website that took place at the time — we had to take all the novelties into account. The Russian website was the first of all Internet projects by United Colors of Benetton to feature an updated design.


The very first iteration of the website was described in meticulous detail on 50 pages of the project specification; another 50 pages were devoted to improvements to the already launched project. In addition, we developed prototypes for all online store pages.

The Italian design was completely redrawn and adapted to Russian users. Adaptive page layout following standards and current trends allows consistently comfortable website navigation using desktop and mobile devices.


We were the first developer to implement integration with the Lamoda fulfilment service launched recently.

Drive Back Digital Data Manager

To effectively handle the tasks set by the client’s marketing and advertising specialists, we set up integration with DigitalDataManager, a marketing infrastructure management platform by DriveBack, which helped to streamline connection and adjustment of third-party marketing and analytical systems.

A lot of attention was given to thorough preparation of server environment for high loads.

Using special tools, we ran load tests that helped fine-tuning the web server and database server for maximum project performance consistent with its specifics.





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