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Project completed

Sandro is a clothing, footwear and accessories brand founded in 1984 in the heart of Le Marais, a historic district of Paris.

As of today, the brand has more than 400 boutiques around the globe, nine of which are in Moscow.

In 2017, Sandro decided to create an official online store in Russia. We are very proud to have been trusted with such an endeavor. An important factor in this selection was our successful experience in introducing European brands to the Russian e-commerce market: by that time, we had already launched our first online stores for United Colors of Benetton and Incanto.


While working on the project, we reinterpreted the design of Sandro’s European website and tailored the interfaces to Russian users. The client’s head office in France was directly involved in the concept and design approval process.

Sandro catalog Desktop
Sandro item Desktop
Sandro Catalog Smartphone
Sandro item Smartphone

Opening the website, the user first gets to a start page and clicks one of the two banners to open a classic home page for men’s or women’s range of products.

Essentially, you have two stores merged in one: a store for women, combining elegant French style with romantic rock, and a store for men, classy and discreet.


After the successful launch, we continued working on the project providing support. For example, we added a page with offline shop details: now you can easily locate a shop using adapted Yandex.Maps and find out its opening hours.

To ensure effective distribution of news and promotional offers to customers using various devices, we developed adaptive mailing templates that work correctly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.





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