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incanto. eu
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Incanto is an underwear brand from the heart of Italy and one of the leaders in the world’s fashion market.

The company history started in 1993. You can find its products in 270 outlet stores all across Europe, Russia and CIS, and starting with 2017 — also in the Russian e-commerce.

In 2016, the company only had an image-building website in the Runet. Once they made a decision to enter e-commerce, Incanto reached to us. A huge amount of work was ahead: from deep-level 1С adjustment for integration with the online store to detailed consultations to the Client on project creation and development.


At the conceptual development stage, apart from detailed documents, we prepared interactive prototype pages that the Client loved so much they became the basis for developing the design concept.

box fire

We paid special attention to beauty, convenience and content presentation: neat design, smooth animation and snazzy photos provided by the Client specifically for the online store. After the launch, we continued working on the visual design: made the header and footer lighter in the shopping cart, changed bright pink to classy burgundy, and added some nice details like trending emoji and a sweet heart to add goods to Favourites.

item checkout catalog

For convenient and effective processing of orders, we integrated the online store with the fulfilment service by eSolutions (Otto Group), 1С system and KLADR (All-Russian Classifier of Addresses). In addition, we implemented a number of complex discount rules and promo mechanics. Server environment was fine-tuned to process high loads.

Right after the launch, we continued active support and project development by polishing the existing functions with real user feedback and introducing new capabilities.

  • We performed integration with marketing automation platform Mindbox for configuring personalized recommendations and subscriptions;
  • We set up integration with Admitad platform to attract new users and launch advertising campaigns;
  • We improved flypages by adding a function to check product availability in retail shops for pickup;
  • We prepared the Collections section with beautiful photo galleries;
  • We added an English and an Italian versions of the site;
  • Based on the statistics, we made the most popular goods to appear at the top of the catalogue, which had a positive effect on conversion.




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