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New Balance

New Balance

New Balance
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Project completed

What brings together Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Dr. House and Israeli special forces? Naturally, the fact that they all love New Balance sneakers!

The world-famous American brand finally got itself a cool online store in the Runet!

We actually did a great job: taking the American website as a basis, we created a new adaptive design — buying the legendary footwear and clothes using your smartphone or tablet has become just as easy and comfortable as on your desktop machine.

New Balance
New Balance

Apart from the basic functionality, we added a number of tweaks:

  • We developed a compact horizontal filter for the products in the catalogue to simplify the search and selection processes;
  • On the product flypage, we set up a comparison between different size charts;
  • Buyers can write reviews and rate products on their flypages, and visitors can evaluate how useful the reviews actually are;
  • We added product availability in offline shops;
  • We adjusted geo targeting: the user’s location is determined automatically, and the delivery price varies depending on the final destination;
  • We revised the website’s mechanics to enable integration with the inventory management system (OCS);
  • We set up integration with the Russian Standard Bank acquiring system;
  • We completed integration with the SPSR-Express courier delivery service.

In addition, we introduced a variety of perks: smooth animation of feedback forms, social login, and many more.





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