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Project support and development

Creation of an online store is an important, but only the first step on your e-commerce path. To make profit, it requires continuous development and maintenance.

We help our customers to provide their online store with basic functionality required for successful sales, extend its capabilities and continuously improve it.

No less important is that we quickly fix problems and maintain stable operation.

This year alone, we have already achieved:

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What kind of task are there?

There are basic tasks typical of and mandatory for the majority of projects: setting up Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics, basic SEO, integration with acquiring and delivery services. However, sometimes you can encounter really complicated and large-scale tasks.

Complete code refactoring
We have carried out a technical audit of a project, identified some points of concern, handled critical issues and partially re-worked functionality to meet applicable standards. As a result, we ensured multifold increase in the website stability and response speed.

Development of Click & Collect functionality
We have added the function of selecting and reserving goods available in specific shops.

  • Integration with Lamoda fulfilment
    We were the first to configure integration with Lamoda fulfilment service for fully automated order processing: from warehousing to final delivery.

  • Setting up loyalty programs
    We integrated and tuned up loyalty programs from our partners in Mindbox with due account for individual features of each project.

How do we do it?

  • We do not leave newly born projects behind and go straight to expansion immediately after launch. A well-thought-out business process facilitates smooth and seamless transition to maintenance.

  • A permanent team is assigned to each project: an account manager, a support manager and a group of specialists. This ensures easy communication, compliance with deadlines and invariable work quality.

  • Before we can start supporting a website developed by somebody else, a technical audit must always be completed. This helps to evaluate the project’s condition, identify its specifics and reduce the time required for problem-solving in the future.

  • For all out projects, we configure GitLab — a version control system located on our server. It stores information on all changes and revisions of the website and allows going back to any stage. It also enables several people to work on a project at the same time.

The workflow in our Studio is simple and transparent. The support manager is there to discuss the task at hand with the client and execute a written agreement after an optimum solution has been selected.

We evaluate the cost of work in hours and get on with the job as soon as we have agreed on the estimate with the client.

The task fulfilled undergoes testing on a staging platform and if it performs as expected, we transfer the work results to the website.

We are trying to make the communication process easy and effective: apart from e-mails and phone calls, we actively use Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers.

  • 1

    Task definition, discussion of details

  • 2

    Task evaluation and scope of work approval

  • 3

    Work process

  • 4

    Checking the results on a staging platform

  • 5

    Transfer of the work results to the actual website

Billing system

We are using a box version of Bitrix24 portal, for which a special module — the billing system — was developed. We use it to carry out the most part of the joint work on a project.

Basic billing functionality:

  • Task definition and discussion

  • Monitoring of free, reserved and written-off hours

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Project history review


Famous brands have already assessed the importance and effectiveness of audits. Here are some of the feedback from our clients.

  • We have been working together for almost two years, and we are completely happy with the work done. The manager and the team quickly respond to our requests, find solutions for uncommon issues, and what’s important, they come up with a new solution in case our own ideas do not seem to be the best choice at the moment".

    Alexander Vologodski
    United Colors of Benetton
  • It’s great that the Studio employs proactive managers: we appreciate such an approach and commitment in joint work. We often recommend Oneway as partners in website development for e-commerce. Thank you for using Telegram : ) ".

    Olga Plinish
    Pizza Hut
  • Oneway Studio has come through as an excellent contractor for online store development and support, showing high quality and accuracy in terms of schedule".

    Andrey Lebedinsky

Where do I start?

Send an inquiry by pressing the button below or contact us in any other way you prefer. Our manager will discuss project tasks with you and answer your questions.

As soon as we agree on the details and sign a contract, we will prepare an invoice, gather a team and be ready to start.

2 300–2 750 ₽ HOURLY RATE

The hourly rate we charge depends on the number of pre-paid hours. The more hours are pre-paid, the lower is the rate per hour.


Online store audit

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