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Incity is a Russian trendy clothing brand for women created in 2003. It has hundreds of local shops in 140 cities and town across Russia and Kazakhstan.

In 2015, Incity contacted us with a request: the conversion of their official online store was low, and the company did not want to put up with it. We carried out a comprehensive usability audit of the website to identify problems and propose the most effective solution.

The audit report contained more than 60 detailed recommendation to increase conversion, average check and second sales. In the course of the audit, it was decided to re-design the entire website.


We took the process of creating a new design for the online store very seriously: based on the audit results, we elaborated user scenarios paying special attention to mobile devices.


In a short time, a new adaptive design was developed, approved and implemented. Immediately after the launch, we conducted a number of A/B-tests, studied the response of actual users and used this information to adjust the interfaces. As a result, conversion on mobile devices tripled.

Incity design Incity design
Incity sity zoom


During the next three years of project support, we have completed a number of various tasks, including:

  • adding user’s personal area functionality, which boosted the average check and second sales;
  • fine-tuning of the server to improve fault tolerance and response speed;
  • re-factoring of major website sections for better performance and reliability;
  • adding product availability in retail shops.

We introduced the «Composite website» technology by 1С‑Bitrix, which considerably increased the overall operating speed of the project.

The total scope of work completed within the project support framework amounted to several thousand hours.

United Colorsof Benetton

United Colors of Benetton


United Colors of Benetton

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