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Amer Sports
project completed

Peak Performance is a Swedish brand of high-end clothing for outdoor activities.

The very first official online store of this brand in Russia is our third project in collaboration with Amer Sports group after Equipion and Salomon.



The design is based on the European website of Peak Performance. The main page features a grid of large banners and a slider with best-selling products.

Демонстрация интерфейса
Демонстрация интерфейсаДемонстрация интерфейсаДемонстрация интерфейса

The shopping cart and the checkout are combined in one page for quick and easy order placement.

Демонстрация интерфейсаДемонстрация интерфейса
Сетка товаров

The product cards in the catalogue can be shown as four, three or two in a row, refreshing the usual routine and focusing on specific items.


Various promotion mechanisms have been introduced: sales, promo codes, free delivery starting with a certain order amount, discounts for online payment, etc.

  • Иконка

    The catalogue is generated by importing csv-files.

  • Иконка

    Smart Elasticsearch quickly indexes the catalogue after updates and is capable of "learning" associations and recommendations.

  • Иконка

    Mindbox marketing platform collects user data, comes up with personal recommendations, and handles transaction and advertising e-mails.

  • Иконка

    Integration with Lamoda fulfilment service has been set up for fully functional order processing.

Фоновая картинкаФоновая картинкаФоновая картинка

A successful launch is an important step, but it is only the first one of many. Together with our client, we have outlined extensive plans for further development and we continue to work on this project.






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