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Amer Sports
Project completed

Salomon is one of the most powerful brands on the European market specializing in sports, tourism and outdoor activities. The French company is a part of Amer Sports Group, together with Wilson, Suunto and other well-known enterprises.

After we successfully launched a website for Equipion, a multi-brand outfit center, Amer Sports entrusted us with the development of the first official online store for Salomon in Russia.

How we did it for Equipion


The catalogue covers the entire current range of products for men, women, and children. You can search for what you need by product type, activity, or name of the collection.

Apart from basic parameters — size, colour, collection — Salomon products take into account more subtle criteria to answer a variety of queries: primary and secondary function, activity type, material, design, thermal insulation and many more. To make sure the user can quickly find exactly what they need, we set up a flexible and easy-to-use filter to screen the products in each section by a number of properties.

Filter demonstration

Athletes and travellers are very serious when it comes to selecting their gear. To make it more efficient, we designed flypages with large photos and detailed descriptions of each product.



We combined the shopping cart and checkout on the same page adding a lighter header and footer to speed-up the checkout and avoid any distracting information.

In addition, we implemented integration with the Lamoda fulfilment service to take care of order processing, from confirmation via a call-center to actual delivery (try-before-you-buy option available) and payment.

Smartphone interface demonstration Smartphone interface demonstration Smartphone interface demonstration Smartphone interface demonstration
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United Colors of Benetton

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