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ru.levi.com. Новый интернет-магазин Levi’s® в России для преданных поклонников самых известных джинсов.

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reima.ru. Online store for a popular Finnish brand of functional kids’ wear. Winner of «Runet Rating 2020» contest.

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salomon.ru. The first Russian online store for Salomon, one of the key players on the European market offering a variety of products for sports, tourism and outdoor activities.

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ru.benetton.com. Russian website was the first among all the brand’s internet projects to feature updated design. Online store is integrated with Lamoda fulfilment service and DigitalDataManager marketing platform.

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gutshoes.ru. The first online store of a multi-brand clothing and accessories retail chain from Perm.

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incanto.ru. The first Russian online store of underwear brand from the very heart of Italy. Neat design, smooth animation and reliable architecture.

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equipion.ru. Website for a new-format sports outfit center. Everything about services and news, full catalogue of products and reservations for local pick-up.

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ralf.ru. Online store for one of the most distinguished footwear brands in Russia. Main project objectives — user-friendly interfaces and high performance.

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sandro-paris.ru. The first project of a French clothing and accessories brand in Russian e‑commerce. We adapted the European online store design to Russian customers and took care of post-launch development.

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newbalance.ru. Based on the American website, we created a new adaptive design for the Russian version and extended its functionality with handy and useful features.

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orsay.ru. Online catalogue for a German brand of women’s clothing returning to the Russian market. The key feature of this project was active communication in English.

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incity.ru. The online store received a completely new design resulting in tripled conversion on mobile devices. The total scope of work completed within the project support framework amounted to several thousand hours.

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maje.ru. Launch and support of an online store for a French brand.

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